Order Execution Policy

1. Scope of the Policy

As an investment firm, the Company has established this policy to attain the best results for the Clients when implementing orders, trades, and instructions.

This policy summarizes all of the practical steps conducted to guarantee that the best possible execution is accomplished. This policy also aims to gain optimum results when accepting transactions on behalf of the Client. The Client agrees to the guidelines herein upon use of the Company’s services.

2. Execution Factors

For the Company to achieve the best possible results for Client orders, several factors are considered. This includes price charges, speed, scope, probability of execution and settlement, nature of the order, and other elements regarding the execution of orders.

In verifying the eligible distinction of these factors, the Company will use commercial experience and decision, while also considering the classification of the Client (retail, professional, etc.). Among the extent of these, the Company will also consider the characteristics of the financial instruments and the probable execution venues that the orders can be managed.

The Company considers the market price as the most significant factor in achieving the best attainable result. Furthermore, the Client acknowledges that there may be conditions, certain instruments, and particular markets where other factors can be considered more significant.

3. Execution Venues

For every instrument that the Company executes on behalf of the Client, the Company reviews the variety of trading venues or basis of liquidity that are provided annually.

In compliance with this policy, the Company may consider the use of one or more of the following venues:

  • - Regulated Markets
  • - Multilateral Trading Facilities
  • - Systematic Internalizing
  • - Third-party investment firms or affiliates
  • - Entities performing similar functions

The Company regularly evaluates the accessible execution venues, and may provide or remove venues, upon agreement to acquire optimum results on a regular basis.

Certain financial instruments may only be a solitary execution location. In case of executing a trade of financial instruments that are only solitary execution location, the Company will assume that the best result has been delivered.

The Company uses the general price in the financial market. If the Client requests for a trade or order instruction with a specific size, or with a limit order, the Company reserves the right to reject such order in its sole discretion.

The Company may disclose the Client’s order, or show the order the relevant market, unless agreed not to on reasonable grounds. Orders may also be disclosed to the affiliates of the Company if deemed necessary.