Refund Policy

1. Refund Request

In specific cases, the Client may file for a refund of payments made through bank transfers or credit cards back to his/her account.

All refund requests will be subject to evaluation and approval of the Company. Before requesting for a refund, the Client must ensure that:

  • - The trading account is free of any pending orders or open trades,
  • - There are no ongoing conflicts or obligations associated with the relationship between the Company and the Client bound by the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement,
  • - There are no ongoing contracts or agreements between the Client and the Company,
  • - The trading account has never been suspended due to violating the Terms and Conditions of the Company, and
  • - The Client does not have any history of noncompliance with the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement

The Company reserves the right to reject the Client’s refund request if such was made with unseemly intentions or if it contradicts the Terms and Conditions.

Refund requests will be processed within 10 business days, and the refund status will be confirmed through the Client Area in the Website.

2. Method of Refund

Refund requests will be subject to the approval of the Company, and the funds will be transferred through the Payment Service Provider (“PSP”) used by the Client to deposit.

In case that the deposit method used is temporarily or permanently unavailable, other payment methods will be offered to the Client. The Client thereby agrees to be bound to the terms and conditions of the chosen bank or PSP.

The Company can only conduct refunds to credit card transactions with the same amount of money to what the Client deposited initially.

The Company does not charge any fee for refunds. In any case that the Client disagrees with any condition in this policy, the Client is advised to terminate all ongoing contracts and agreements with the Company.